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Computerized System and Modified Modalities for 31st Dinner

posted Jul 30, 2015, 11:54 AM by sachin pandey

Dear all,

We are happy to let you know that we could keep up to our promise, and we are going to completely move to a Computerized billing system from 1st August 2015. We would remain thoroughly grateful to the CCC for making this happen, and especially to Mr. Rana Bhadra, who single handed coded the entire system!

To inform you about this transition: Whatever be the last balance on your card , would be added as your initial balance in the new computerized system.

However to facilitate the transition, we would have to shut down the existing paper card system for one meal. The changed modalities of procuring the DINNER on 31st July would be:
1.All the existing ID Card user will be getting dinner from computer counter as earlier.
2. All the existing  active Paper Card (red,blue,green,yellow) users will have to procure dinner by paying in cash (No extra 30% will be charged on submission of the existing card).

The remaining balance on individual cards will then be fed in to the server, and we would officially start using the Computerized System for all our transactions from the BREAKFAST ON 1st AUG. Please note the following points:

  • Your ID card will not work on 1st august if it has a negative balance.
  • All  blocked card users will have to eat in cash from cash counter as per non-member price list, till they have positive balance in their accounts. 
  • All the cards of project students will be closed and they have to eat from cash counter till we develop a mechanism for them in this new system. The CCC is working on it, and hopefully will be done within a month. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused.
  • Without showing ID card food will NOT be served. 
  • Using other's ID card is strictly prohibited.
  • From the 1st August 2015 onwards we would have a revised menu along with a revised price list (taking into account the feedback and suggestions received from many).
  • For information on payment/recharge or any other details, please visit the mess website (http://studentmess.iiserkol.ac.in/)

New students(15RS,15IP,15MS etc) are requested to come to the mess with their ID cards and activate their mess accounts by recharging it with their desired balance (we would recommend some amount within  ₹1000-2500). It can do so by using your ATM/DEBIT/Credit Card or make the payment by NEFT or Bank Transfer  as per detail given here .

P.S. Since it is a new system even for the workers, there may be some delay in the first few days. We request you to please cooperate with them.