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Members of the sub-committees


Members & Convenor

Menu and price review sub-committee

Ishita(Convenor), Gargi, Atul, Bijay, Pratap

 Quality check sub-committee

Pratap(Convenor), Akshay , Debshruti, Atul, Bijay

Market survey sub-committee

Akshay(Convenor), Atul, Avinash, Harshawardhan

 Administration and Finance 

Gargi(Convenor), Avinash , Pratap, Ishita

 Repairs and Maintenance sub-committee

Harshawardhan(Convenor), Akshay, Anurag

 Workers' grievance cell

Debshruti(Convenor), Ishita, Anurag

 Communication and Students' 
grievance cell

Avinash(Convenor), Harshawardhan 

 Cyber cell

Bijay(Convenor), Avinash , Anurag