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Duties of the S.M.C.

The following are the sub-committees of the S.M.C. along with their responsibilities

Name of  the sub-committee Job description 
 Menu and price review sub-committee
1. Proposing new weekly menu.
2. Price revision of items in coordination with the Administration and Finance sub-committee and Mess Manager.

 Quality check sub-committee 1. Checking quality of food items.
2. Checking shelf life of raw materials that are stored in the Mess for consumption in coordination with Mess store keepers and Mess Manager
Market survey sub-committee 1. Checking forth nightly quotations of raw materials which needs to be procured.
2. Researching about cost and specifications of Mess items which are required to be brought.
3. Preparing a list of items to be procured for Mess in coordination with the Mess Manager.
 Administration and Finance sub-committee 1. Acting as signatories of the Mess.
2. Checking daily account statement of the Mess.
3. Making the minutes of S.M.C. and H.M.C. (Hostel Mess Committee) meetings.
 Repairs and Maintenance sub-committee 1. Identifying faulty machines for repair.
2. Proposing repair solutions and options.
3. Maintaining general cleanliness of the Mess.
4. Ensuring proper gas connectivity for the Mess.
 Workers' grievance cell 1. Listening to worker's grievances.
2. Resolving these grievances in coordination with the Mess Manager and SAC GSs.
 Communication and Students'
grievance cell
1. Communicating important decisions of the S.M.C. to the General Student Body.
2. Receiving student's grievances and giving appropriate reply to them after consulting all other members of S.M.C. , SAC GSs and Mess Manager.
 Cyber cell 1. Maintaining ERP system of the Mess.
2. Maintaining SMC website.
 Institute Orders Handling and Managing


1. Keeping Record of Institute Orders.
2. The monitoring of the number of Orders in a day.
3. Reviewing Bills and Arrangements done by the manager.
4. Ensure recovery of pending/delayed bills.