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1. Members, Executive Committee and Advisory Board.

1.1. All students of the IISER Kolkata, who pay Students’ Canteen Establishment Cost are members of the

Students Monitored Canteen Committee and shall constitute its General Body.

1.2. This General Body shall be represented at a higher tier by twelve members who will constitute the

Executive Canteen Committee which will henceforth just be referred to as Canteen Committee’.

1.3. This Canteen Committee will consist of four different departments. These 12 members shall shuffle

continuously between these departments.

I. Vigilance Department: This department shall conduct regular checks on the general hygiene in the

canteen, conduct of the employees and to check whether they meet the standards expected from


II. Grievances and Suggestion Department: This department shall address the grievances and

suggestions put by members of the General Body.

III. Market Survey Department: This department shall conduct market survey for the raw materials,

fuel and other items required for the preparation of food.

IV. Canteen Operations Department: This department shall keep the check on the prices of food served

in the canteen, monitor the working of the Manager and Accountant on regular basis, prepare

Menu chart on weekly basis, design the format and allot the canteen card, assign and monitor

volunteers for daily jobs in the canteen. The prices of all the dishes shall be decided by the canteen

committee after prior information to the General Body.

1.4. The Advisory Board shall constitute of the following members:

(a) Dean of Students.

(b) Convener of the Institute level Canteen Committee.

(c) Wardens and Asst. Wardens of Hostel(s), and

(d) The members of Gymkhana Committee.

2. Working of the StudentsMonitored Canteen Committee.

2.1. A Manager shall be appointed by the members of the Canteen Committee in the presence of members

of the Advisory Board, on contract basis. The term of his/her contract shall be decided by the same.

The regular activities of the students’ monitored canteen will be maintained by the Manager who shall

be given the salary, on monthly basis.

2.2. An Accountant shall also be appointed by the members of the Canteen Committee in the presence of

members of the Advisory Board on contract basis. The term of his/her contract shall be decided by the

same. The selected accountant shall be responsible for maintaining the records of all types of financial

transactions of the canteen, on daily basis.

2.3. The twelve Canteen committee members, selected by the Gymkhana Committee along with the

previous members of the canteen committee, shall supervise the working of the StudentsCanteen as a

whole. They shall have representatives from Integrated M.S., Integrated PhDs and Research Scholars.

2.4. A set of Volunteers shall be allotted certain duties by the canteen committee, related to daily functioning

of the canteen.

2.5. There shall be two volunteers serving the canteen duties per day. No volunteer should serve more than

once a month.

2.6. The volunteers shall be given a discount of 50% on every meal on the day of their service.

3. Finance

3.1. Bank Account Management: The Students’ Monitored Canteen Committee shall have its own

independent Bank Account. The account type shall be current’. There shall be three signatories which

shall strictly include members from the Advisory board only. The transactions can be made from this

bank account only if all the three signatories sign together on the transaction document of the bank. The

signatories shall include the Convener of the Institute level Canteen Committee and two other members

from the Advisory Board (excluding the Gymkhana Members). The current signatories shall be Dr.

Arindam Mukherjee(Convener of Institute level Canteen Committee), Dr. Arindam Kundagrami and Dr.

Rumi Dey who are the hostel wardens at present.

3.2. Building the Capital Amount:

3.2.1. For the proper functioning of the StudentsMonitored Canteen, at the start of the month, an

Establishment Cost has to be deposited by each member of the General Body, to the above

mentioned account. This establishment cost shall be taken to ensure regular payments of all the

employees of the canteen according to the salaries mentioned in the Minimum Wages Act, (1948).

3.2.2. A fixed monthly deposit, decided by the canteen committee on need to need basis, shall be taken

in advance from each member that will collectively add to the balance amount. This monthly

deposit can be utilized for his/her daily purchase in the canteen. No money shall be deducted from

his/her account in case he/she skips the meals.

3.2.3. In case, theres some amount is left in the account of a member at the end of a month, it will be

carried-over as the deposit for the next month. Only the difference from the fixed monthly deposit

shall be collected from the member, for the upcoming month.

3.2.4. There shall be a certain threshold amount, decided by canteen committee on need to need basis,

for maintaining the validity of the canteen card. In case, the balance goes near or to this amount,

the member has to deposit a certain minimum recharge amount, to ensure continued purchase

from the canteen card.

3.2.5. For non-members, there shall be provided a different price list, which will have higher rates than

the rates for the card holders. A proper bill shall be provided to them by the cashier, at the

counter, for their purchases. The cashier shall be responsible for any discrepancy in such

transactions, and also keeping the record of the same.

3.2.6. The Price list of menu items shall be put up on the notice board and Gymkhana’s Website on regular


3.3. Canteen Card:

[ To know more about canteen card working system please click here ]

3.3.1. The students’ monitored canteen shall maintain the transaction record of each member. The details

of purchase, account status of a member shall be recorded on his/her canteen card. For transaction

of a particular meal, the member and the cashier should sign on the card in the given slot. A

separate account-sheet shall be maintained by the manager for recording all the transactions in

the canteen.

3.3.2. The member shall be responsible for handling his/her canteen card. In case of tampering/loss,

new card shall be allotted by the canteen committee after receiving an application from the

member and charging amount of fine, decided by the canteen committee, from him/her.

3.3.3. In case, the member fails to show the canteen card, he/she shall not be considered as a member,

during the purchase.

3.4. The payment of the vendors:

The two volunteers assigned for stock verification per day shall sign on a ledger after the stock

delivered by the vendor is verified by them. Only after that shall the manager and then the

accountant will sign on the bills. A consolidated bill for the whole week shall be forwarded by the

canteen accountant to the signatories who shall direct the payment via cheque from the canteen

committee bank account.

4. Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a collection of some expected behaviors and restrictions that must be followed by all

irrespective of their membership in the canteen.

4.1. No one is allowed to take the utensils outside the canteen area without providing prior information to

the manager. The particulars of the utensils issued by any person, the time of issue and the time of return

shall be documented by the manager.

4.2. No one should purposefully damage any accessories and assets of the canteen.

4.3. Everyone is expected to register their complaints related with any aspect of the canteen in the

complaint book, kept with the manager, with the name and signature of the same or via mail from their own

IISERs email account to the official canteen committee email account.

4.4. Everyone is expected not to waste any food intentionally.

4.5. Both consumers and employees of canteen are expected to behave properly with each other.

4.6. None is allowed to enter the cooking and storage premises without prior entry of his/her unique card ID

number and signature in the log book that shall be documented by the manager.

4.7. In case of a leave of more than three days or if a large group of members are going on leave, they are

expected to inform anyone, in charge, at least the day before.

Violation of code of conduct in any form might result in imposing of fine, which shall be deducted from

his/her canteen account with a notification to the person, in concern.


1. In case of any discrepancy, which cannot be handled by the executive committee in the first place, the

advisory board shall set-up a review board to inquire the issue. No member of the Executive Committee

shall be the part of it.

2. Interpretation of this constitution shall be done by the canteen committee, after consultation with the

Advisory Board.


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