IISER Kolkata Students' Monitored Canteen provides mess facilities to the hostel boarders and is also open to any outsider who visit IISER Kolkata. 

A non-hierarchical student body known as the "Students' Mess Committee (S.M.C.)" ( which falls under the Food, Health & Hygiene Committee of SAC IISER-K) monitors the mess. S.M.C. is also a member of  the Hostel cum Mess Committee of IISER Kolkata.

One can write to the S.M.C. & Sac Gs about their complaints/suggestions at this email-id messcommittee@iiserkol.ac.in / sac.food@iiserkol.ac.in

SAC Food, Health & Hygiene G.S. (sac.food@iiserkol.ac.in)

SAC - GS BS-MS (FHH) - Abir Kanjilal (17MS142)

SAC - GS PhD. (FHH)  - Shivanand Mandraha  (15RS070)

SAC - GS IPhD. (FHH) - Chirag Singhal (17Ip001)

Members of the 5th S.M.C.(messcommittee@iiserkol.ac.in)

The current members of the 2019-20 S.M.C. are:

01. Avinash Dash(16MS036)
02. Anurag Banerjee(17MS046)
03. Pratap Narayan Soni(18MS213)
04. Harshwardhan Borde(17MS141)
05. Debshruti Biswas(18MS141)
06. Akshay Sanjeev(18MS128)
07. Tiasha Das (17MS192)
08. Prasad Behera (16MS203)

IPhD. 07. Ishita Ghosh(18IP018)
PhD. 08. Atul Kumar Singh(13RS028)
09. Bijay Sharma(18RS027)
10. Gargi Ghosh(13IP034)
11. Vikas Garhwal(17RS018)