IISER Kolkata Students' Monitored Canteen provides mess facilities to the hostel boarders and is also open to any outsider who visit IISER Kolkata. 

A non-hierarchical student body known as the "Students' Mess Committee (S.M.C.)" ( which falls under the Food, Health & Hygiene Committee of SAC IISER-K) monitors the mess. S.M.C. is also a member of  the Hostel cum Mess Committee of IISER Kolkata.

One can write to the S.M.C. about their complaints/suggestions at this email-id messcommittee@iiserkol.ac.in 

SAC Food, Health & Hygiene G.S. (sac.food@iiserkol.ac.in)

SAC - GS PhD.(FHH)  - Subhadip Roy (14IP015)
SAC - GS BS-MS (FHH) - Atul Pandey (14MS052)

Members of the 4th S.M.C.

The current members of the 2018-19 S.M.C. are

01. Abir Kanjilal (17MS142)
02. Ghanshyam Pandey (16MS041) 03. Abhijeet Choudhary (17MS167)
04. Avinash Dash (16MS036)
05. Sweta Mahajan (

IPhD. 06. Chirag Singhal (17IP001) 07. Amit Kumar (17IP030) 08. Aabir Mukhopadhyay (16IP019) PhD. 09. Basabendra Roy (14IP001) 10. Priti Roy (16RS003) 11. Ujjal Roy (14IP030)