Old Canteen Card system

Salient features of the Canteen Card System :
  • The Canteen Card system that has been proposed is NOT like the previous "mess card" system.


  • Outside people, faculties, staff and any other interested person can also enjoy the Canteen Card facility after paying specified money. 

  • A certain amount (currently ₹ 2500.00) in advance by 8th of the month will be deposited by all the Card Holders  ONLY in Bank Account of  the IISERK Students Monitored Canteen Fund.

  • The Establishment Charge of ₹ 500.00 that is being taken is ONLY for PAYMENT OF THE CANTEEN WORKERS, THE MANAGER and THE ACCOUNTANT. The Institute will NOT BEAR ANY EXPENSES REGARDING THE CANTEEN hence it is being taken from all the card holder. 

  • The remaining ₹ 2000.00 in the card can be used by the students to buy their food. Any money left over shall be ADDED ON TO THE NEXT MONTH. So any student who eats less than the ₹ 2000.00 will only HAVE TO PAY THE BALANCE AMOUNT+THE ESTABLISHMENT CHARGE OF ₹ 500.00 BY 8th OF THE NEXT MONTH.

  • Students or anybody holding the card SHALL NOT BE CHARGED if and when they skip a meal.

  • The amount that stays in the card at the end of the month SHALL BE ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT MONTH.

  • Those who finish their ₹ 2000.00  by the middle of an ongoing month CAN RECHARGE THE CARD WITH A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF ₹ 500.00. THE MONEY LEFT SHALL BE ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT MONTH'S ACCOUNT IN THIS CASE ALSO.

  • Outside people including students who don't stay in hostel, Faculty, Staff who don’t have the Card have to pay as per different price list that will have 30% higher rate  than usual rate.

  • Accountant will calculate the remaining balance of every card holder weekly and that will be updated on this website in Member Details section.You are requested to recharge your card once balance nears 500.00. Minimum recharge amount is 500.00.