Mess Card Modalities

See the announcement of Computerized System
  • Your Institute ID card will work as your Mess Card.
  • Whatever be the last balance on your old paper card , would be added as your initial balance in the new computerized system.
  • New students are requested to come to the mess with their ID cards and activate their mess accounts by recharging it with their desired balance (we would recommend some amount within  ₹1000-1999). They  can also do so by using your ATM/DEBIT/Credit Card or make the payment by NEFT or Bank Transfer  as per detail given here .
  • On showing ID card, student get a food bill slip and cost of that food get deducted from his mess account associated with his/her ID card. No money will be charged if students skip meals.
  • Your ID card will not work on 1st august if it has a negative balance.
  • All  blocked card users will have to eat in cash from cash counter as per non-member price list, till they have positive balance in their accounts. 
  • Without showing ID card (original) food will NOT be served. 
  • Using other's ID card is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are requested to recharge with ₹1000-₹1999 (minimum recharge amount is ₹500.00) whenever their balance goes below to 500.00 to avoid any last minute rush.Methods of recharge is explained here.